Russian economic theory: from crisis to a new paradigm?

In his excellent, wittily written study, the well known Russian social scholar outlines a brave concept which is in line with the theory of "social production system" that has been discussed on several occasions in our periodical. Buzgalin offers a sharp criticism of the fashionable neoliberal economic theory and proves that the collapse of "socialism" is the indication of the de¬velopment of a new paradigm. He presumes that history of "socialism" was a-distorted – variant of the same processes which set the whole world's development on a post-capitalist course in the 20th century. He compares the transformation of the basis of the capitalist economy and world outlook (the development of a new mode of a production) to the process of building up the capitalist society pointing out that at that time too, what was new then broke forth in the disguise of restoration. He calls for the elaboration of an economic theory that would be adequate to these changes and stresses that possibly, the economic theory too, will have to melt into other sciences and approaches because the emergence of a new paradigm always goes together with the emergence of a new scientific approach.