Old wine in new windebag: Western policy in East and Central Europe

The study presenting concrete mechanisms of dependence underlines the responsibility of the selfish and short-sighted policy of the IMF in the crisis of the countries of the East and Central European region following the change of system. The demolished COMECON was not replaced by another economic system, behind slogans of building the market, the de­struction of the market was taking place which has had a very negative impact on the circumstances of living in these countries. On an ideological basis, the development of various collective forms of ownership has been obstructed, whereas this could have been an effective form for the elimi­nation of state ownership under the specific conditions of the societies of the region. The author refers to the helplessness of East and Central Europe, the very weak bargaining position of the governments in face of the West which attracts them (while pushing them back immediately under the influence of being potential rivals).