No. 20 | (Winter 1993)

Compared to what we have promised earlier, due to the excessive feed of articles, we have changed the content of this issue of Eszmélet a bit. Articles on social policy (completed with additional ones) will be published in the next issue; thus giving more room to the present main topic namely questions of social democracy. Most of the articles analyses this substantial theoretical and practical current in the past, present and future. Above this, a long article continues the analysis of the Kádár-era of which examination started in the latest issue. Further topics in history, self-government and economy are also addressed.


Table of contents
  1. Krausz Tamás : Is socialdemocracy coming or going? – A few preliminary remarks to this issue
  2. Erényi Tibor : Success and difficulties of socialdemocracy from a historic point of view
  3. Varga Lajos : Socialdemocrats and Hungary’s modernisation
  4. Olga Velikanova : Lenin’s figure in the public culture in the 20s
  5. Maróthy János : Involuntary Socialism? – Cultural policy in capitalism
  6. Kádár Zsuzsa : Documents on the pre-set court trial of György Marosán
  7. Gunnar Myrdal : Planning and democracy
  8. Aleksandr Buzgalin : Russian economic theory: from crisis to a new paradigm?
  9. Szigeti Péter : Socialdemocracy: from where to where? – Merits and weaknesses
  10. Viktor G. Arszlanov : Three revolutions
  11. Agárdi Péter : Approaches to the cultural policy issues of the Kádár-era
  12. Szabó László : Thesis on the extension of employee shareholding in Hungary
  13. Eva Samaranch Gallén, Ramón Franquesca Artés : Self-government in Spain
  14. Tütő László : A radical socialdemocrat. Expanding the portrait of Pál Justus the thinker
  15. Tőkei Ferenc : Messages from the 19th century Marx on socialdemocracy