No. 24 | (Winter 1994)

This issue of Eszmélet mostly contains articles of economic theory and economic policy. The starting question is: is there any theory that can properly catch the essence of domestic and international transitions? Is bourgeois economic theory able to show solutions both in the East and West? An article on British football presents a model of economic developments in a specific area of life where market obviously should not enter or maybe only with restrictions. In futures issues, we will address questions of culture, natural environment and information economics from a similar angle.

Table of contents
  1. Szigeti Péter, Andor László, Mocsáry József, Lóránt Károly, Krausz Tamás : Can a socialist market economy exist?
  2. Vigvári András : Some features of the privatisation in Hungary
  3. Hugo Radice : The role of foreign capital in the transformation of Eastern Europe
  4. Capital and Class
  5. Paul Williamson, Dan Corry : A game without vision – Football crisis in Britain
  6. Karl-Heinz Roth : The return of the proletariat and the weakness of the left
  7. Trautmann László : The Hellenisation of economics
  8. Hoch Róbert : On the history of economic reform – Comments to Kornai’s article
  9. Krausz Tamás : Political economy against history
  10. call to the G7 on debt-relief
  11. Michael Knüfer : The GATT and the developing countries
  12. Aurelio Martinez, Etienne Largend : Indian revolt, new guerilla movement or revolution?
  13. Jean Martin : The second year of the French revolution