No. 32 | (Winter 1996)

"What kind of job do you find humiliating?" was asked from applicants to a student group. The funniest answer was, "what also a woman or a black can do." Probably this catches the best how privileged groups in society take granted the division of labour between gender and races, the marginalisation of groups with a lower status and everyday discrimination. This phenomenon is not new but a turning point can recently be detected in social science that created an explosion in the number of studies on the increasing multitude of layers of the political and social power structure and that directs progressive social science also towards new directions.

Table of contents
  1. rosa : Race, gender and class
  2. Adamik Mária, Baráth Erzsébet, Lugosi Győző, Ferge Zsuzsa, Joó Mária : Wonmen in Hungary, 1996
  3. Haug Frigga : Feminism and Marxism
  4. Helga Heiden-Sommer : Women in macroeconomics
  5. Susan Zimmermann : How they became feminist?
  6. Robin Blackburn, Tariq Ali : Working class hero – interview with John Lennon and Yoko Ono
  7. Carter Bob : On classes in the 90s
  8. Makai Mária : Ambivalent identities
  9. Bánki Erika : Facing the demon
  10. Magi István : A true horror story
  11. Martin Kovats : The Good the Bad and the Ugly – three faces of the Roma policy
  12. Chris Tilly, Randy Albelda : Towards a broader vision: race, gender and labour market segmentation in the social structure of accumulation framework
  13. Political correctness
  14. Civilian control
  15. Csapody Tamás : Illegal tank purchase
  16. Andor László : The Euro-Atlantic package