No. 41 | (Spring 1999)

In early 1988, a study announced the end of the system change but actual developments have refuted this revelation. The new government had new ideas concerning ownership rights and the employee ownership programs have been put on the agenda again. The so-called Russian crisis has shaken all East Europe that can cause long lasting political consequences. Meanwhile a new turning point has been reached in the permanent system change in the western part of East Europe in the EU and NATO integration. This issue of Eszmélet addresses these topics and questions.

Table of contents
  1. Rácz Margit, Csapody Tamás : NATO and EU accessions. Between the rock and the hard place
  2. Bárdos-Féltoronyi Miklós : From periphery to periphery
  3. Agárdi Péter : Conservatism or concentration of power?
  4. Kiss Aranka : Ten years of employee ownership in Hungary
  5. Len Krimerman : The uncertain future of employee ownership
  6. Somogyi Csaba : The future of Mitbestimmung in Germany
  7. Corey Rosen : ESOP in the US
  8. Chitra Somayaji : Workers’ cooperatives
  9. John Ross : Privatisation scandals in Russia
  10. David M. Kotz : Capitalsut collapse
  11. Németh György : Dilemmas of the pension reform in Hungary
  12. Krausz Tamás : Ferencvaros, 1956
  13. Benjamin Barber : McWorld versus democracy
  14. Bernard Cassen : Ten commandments of the superiority of citizen interests
  15. Gilbert Keith Chesterton : Private property versus individual enterprise
  16. Sándor Karikó : Lukacs and Marx