No. 75 | (Autumn 2007)

This issue covers the long awaited topic of the new developments and challenges in information society, because this filed has not been comprehensively addressed since the No. 27 of Eszmélet. Authors of this issue explore such vital questions like how education becomes part of the ‘information society' or the problem of growing asymmetric access to digital public goods (information knowledge products), the hardware of information society (PCs, internet) in the Hungarian society.

Three articles contribute to the growing debate started in the previous issue about the "sickness" of the political left in Hungary and East Europe – and we will continue the discussion also in future issues due to the outstanding interest. G. M. Tamás and Tamás Krausz who challenges him approach current problems, and also the problems of our future, through giving meaning to past developments – providing the fundamentals. On the other hand, János Hajdú investigates opportunities for present ‘salvation' by Hungarian party politics. We publish the speech of a former ‘Hungary specialist' Soviet diplomat and the article of the leading ideologist of Cuba as documents of the thinking of late state socialism -matched by a thorough study of István Mészáros the great figure of Lukács' heritage on the ‘structural crisis of politics'.

Table of contents
  1. Vietorisz Tamás, Z. Karvalics László : “Millions of littele knowledge sources” Transforming education and transition to a sustainable world
  2. Ferge Sándor : Digital public goods
  3. Molnár Szilárd : Information society development in Hungary regarding social capital
  4. László Gábor : Open source software and the potential for democratisation
  5. Mészáros István : The structural crisis in politics
  6. Tamás Gáspár Miklós : A capitalism pure and simple
  7. Krausz Tamás : What is the “pure capitalism” theory about? Debate with G.M. Tamás’ theorem.
  8. Hajdu János : Denial is not a program
  9. Szigeti Péter, Mészáros Ádám, Böcskei Balázs, Artner Annamária : Globalisation from below – supressed groups and rebel movements. Discussion on the book of Annamária Artner
  10. Bartha Eszter : National canon and lefwing literature – On Péter Agárdi: Having the past such as this to confess
  11. Tütő László : Jane and janes – or who has forced Jane?
  12. Valerij Muszatov : Speech at the Budapest Conference – June 15, 2007
  13. Armando Hart : Towards the 21st century socialism
  14. James Petras, Robin Eastman-Abaya : Cuba: continuing revolution and contemporary contradictions