No. 89 | (Spring 2011)

Table of contents
  1. Dirk Adriaensens : Iraq: The Age of Darkness
  2. Fred Magdoff : Ecological Civilisation
  3. Fülöp Ádám : I-generation – An introduction into the understanding of virtual reality
  4. Hrabák András : Synthetic biology and social control – Foreword
  5. Hervé Le Crosnier : Pandora’s Box of Synthetic Biology
  6. Philippe Marliére : Prometheus, Pandora and Petri (Answering Herve de Crosnier)
  7. Hervé Le Crosnier : Preachers of Extreme Genetics
  8. Serge Sebestyén : Can we Expect Science to Protect Mankind?
  9. Tütő László : I come to criticise Lukacs, not to praise him. A contribution at the presentation of the book: Lukacs Gybrgy es a szocialista alternativa [Gybrgy Lukacs and the Socialist Alternative] Budapest, Eszmelet Alapitvany -L’Harmattan, 2010
  10. Jim McGuigan : “Cool” Capitalism. The Great Refusal
  11. Tütő László : Is a Singing Contest really a Singing Contest?
  12. Bózsó Péter : Politics of Political Economic Critique
  13. Bartha Eszter : Chapters from the History of Women in Hungary in the Era of Socialism
  14. Violence
  15. Immanuel Wallerstein : Reading Fannon in the 21st Century
  16. Loic Wacquant : A Tornado of Public Safety: Neoliberalism and Punishment at the Dawn of the 21st Century
  17. Katona Magda, Répási Krisztián : The revenge of the Weak? Drives of Female and Child Suicide Bombers