The “Second Edition of Capitalism” in Russia

In fact, the 'second edition' of capitalism is being created in Russia rather than of its 'restoration'. While pre-revolutionary Russia, although feudal-capitalistic and underdeveloped, was progressing, the present, now capitalistic Russia in turn is losing its population, declining in culture and science. Assembly lines now are advancing in sectors requiring advanced technology and scientific background. Industries, which were regarded progressive 30-40 years ago now stagnate. The traditional collective cultural activities of the Soviet times have disappeared, and are replaced by passive, individual free-time activities made at home, which characterise atomised societies. It is a special second edition, as global capitalism placed Russia on the semi-periphery, launching regressive and degrading processes.

Original article Александр Тарасов: «Второе издание капитализма» в России in Левая политика , №7-8, 2008.