The Marxism of Lenin – a summary

The author critically analyses and sums up the main points in Lenin's Marxism the ones that contributed to the development of Marxism in the 20th Century. The relationship of dialectics, theory and practice, that was in focus of Lenin's theoretical thinking, is not dead but a relevant historical lesson. The article gives an overview of Lenin's general approach, history perception and the starting points and conclusions, contradictions and the relevance to the present of Lenin's thoughts on revolution and socialism. "Lenin's heritage" is a centre of evil to many of the representatives of the ruling ideology, with a solid ground in fact, since this heritage cannot be integrated by the promoters of the capitalist system, because it is a clear social alternative against capitalism. The progressive and forward looking elements of Lenin's Marxism – after getting rid of the "Marxism-Leninism" of Stalinism and post-Stalinism – has been integrated into the further development of Marxism by Gramsci, Lukács and many others.

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