No. 1 | (Spring 1989)

This is a leftist journal, whose editors are convinced that the events of the past decades have got little to do with Marxism if we bracket the hypocritical slogans and, more regrettably, the faith of many people. Therefore the past cannot refute the validity of Marxist principles. The editors of this new journal believe that it pays to live in accordance with these principles but we have to start from the beginning and we have to follow a totally different path than what was taken by the movement, which was organized along the principles of Marxism, in the past 100 years. Consequently the journal intends to participate in the destruction of the established structures but it also seeks to oppose the processes, which Marx characterized as "the reproduction of the old trash" when speaking of the foreseeable failure of the society, which levels people on the basis of poverty.
Table of contents
  1. Tőkei Ferenc : Dedication
  2. What this journal wants?
  3. Krausz Tamás : Notes on perestroika
  4. Lev Trockij : The Bonapartist philosophy of state
  5. Tálas Péter : A failed alternative – About the 1968 action programme of the Czechoslovak Communist Party
  6. Fekete Gyula : The structure and change of position of low income groups in Hungary
  7. Szegő Andrea : World economic dependence, indebtednes, crisis
  8. Communism
  9. Class
  10. Equality
  11. What the left will be like tomorrow?
  12. Kapitány Ágnes, Kapitány Gábor : How do we see the world, what we would like it to be like?
  13. Tót Éva : About the Council Flat Tenants Association