No. 14 | (Summer 1992)

Different from our previous practice, this double issue of Eszmélet is organised around not only one but three main topics: "Religion and leftism", "Capitalism for beginners" and the "Hatered and the psychology of genocide". The three thematic blocks follow each other in this order.
Table of contents
  1. Konrád György, Kósa Ferenc, Tőkei Ferenc, Kapitány Gábor : Marxism, politics and moral – roundtable discussion
  2. Jaen Adolfo Abascal : About the (apparently) inner conflict of the Roman Catholic Church (excerpts)
  3. Frei Betto : Christianity and Marxism
  4. Michael Löwy : Rome against the Wall Street?
  5. Rudolf J. Siebert : The future of religion: reconstruction of socialism or restoration of nationalism? (Excerpt)
  6. Sara Wilsky : Neofascism – threat or a temporary feature of disorientation crisis in the new Federal Republic
  7. The future of politically oriented art pieces in public space – Resolutions and minutes of the Budapest City Council on
  8. Balogh Sándor : Society and crime
  9. Christoph Butterwege : New German nationalism, great power chauvinism and revanchism
  10. Kapitány Ágnes, Kapitány Gábor : Belief and ethics in society
  11. Staub Ervin : Genocide and mass murder: cultural-social and psychological origins
  12. Szoboszlai György : Constitutional transformation in Hungary
  13. Vigvári András : Privatisation in Western and Central-Eastern Europe – some lessons
  14. Harald Werner : Psychological dimensions of the Gulf War
  15. Kapitány Gábor : Interview with György Bulányi
  16. Hoch Róbert : The economic liberalism and the danger of a right-shift
  17. A few ingenious methods to syphon off the profit of weaker economies
  18. Fascism
  19. Andor László : Hayek -today
  20. Kéri Elemér : The 100th anniversary of the birth of Antonio Gramsci
  21. Krausz Tamás : Stalin and historigraphy – thopughts on the bigraphy by Deutscher