No. 17 | (Spring 1993)

This issue of Eszmélet is coping with the problem of leftism: in order to present the topic from several angles, we also publish writings that according to our intention will provoke reactions and debate. In addition, we aim at also publishing articles that represent such types of leftism (anarchism, feminism and Trotskyism) that were less known in Hungary over the past decades.
Table of contents
  1. Robert Daniels : Trotsky, Stalin and the development of Soviet communism
  2. Fekete Gyula : Freedom and Property. On the isue of political right and left
  3. Krausz Tamás : Capitalsm-anticapitalism-foreign capital – Notes to a new-old political amalgam
  4. Szigeti Péter : On the theoretical dead ends of the left
  5. Andrea Komlosy, Susan Zimmermann : Money or life? Notes to the debate on practical womens movement
  6. Susan Zimmermann : The birth and death of the West European type welfare state
  7. Giovanni Arrighi : A Marxist century, an American century: the development and transformation of the world’s working class movement
  8. Johan Galtung : On the causes and ending of terrorism
  9. Lakatos László, Ernest Mandel : Changes of Europe – with the left eye
  10. Maróthy János : The always new left wing
  11. Colin Ward : Anarchy in action (extracts)
  12. For the unity on the left – Announcement of the Left Altrnative Association
  13. Henri Lefebvre : Civil society and civic rights
  14. Michael Löwy : Romantic Marxism – Henri Lefebvre
  15. Rémi Hess : Selected bibliography of henri Lefebvre
  16. Tőkei Ferenc : Messages from the 19th century – Marx on economic development and on socialist revolutions
  17. A few ingenious methods to control democracy or what to do with the mass media