No. 19 | (Autumn 1993)

Kádár-regime… All agree that only little time has passed since the system change to be able to write proper description of the real characteristic of this era and the existing social-political system that resembled many things but was unique. In this issue of Eszmélet, we attempt to gather articles that might help to overcome of the recently fixing banalities of stereotypes developed to judge this period. That is why we publish articles addressing the role of the state, the forms of totalitarianism, the chances of catching up, the emergence of dependencies, the increasing amount of state debt, the role of agriculture and the consequences of the system change etc. All of these had profound roles in forming the characteristic of the Kádár-era thus they have to have a profound role in the proper and deep analysis and interpretation of this period.

Table of contents
  1. alfa : About the Kádár-regime without Kádár himself – Introduction to the core theme of this issue
  2. Földes György : The Kádár-regime and the working class
  3. Tütő László : From the history of socialist opposition – Kemeny trials in 1971
  4. Andrea Komlosy : Debt cycles of Hungary and the worls economy after 1945
  5. Feitl István : Towards the top – Comments to a first published speech of Kadar
  6. Kádár János : Speech on the meeting of the CC of HSWP, 2 August 1963 (excerpts)
  7. Böröcz József : Dual dependence and turning the external links informal: the Hungarian case
  8. Peter Gowan : Old wine in new windebag: Western policy in East and Central Europe
  9. Kapitány Ágnes, Kapitány Gábor : Some theses on “Kádárism”
  10. Bill Lomax : Resurrection or the metamorphosis of power in Eastern Europe
  11. Nagy Husszein Tibor : “…Carthaginem esse delendam”?
  12. Póczik Szilveszter : Bolshevism, fascism, totalitarianism
  13. Tamás Pál : Dependence and state intervention – Room of manoeuvre for semi-peripherial states
  14. Tőkei Ferenc : Messages from the 19th century – Where did Marx expect the new revolution should break out?
  15. Kapitány Gábor : Once again – on leftism
  16. Kapitány Gábor : An editor-in-chief says good-bye
  17. Krausz Tamás : The Kadar-regime and its left-wing opposition