No. 30 | (Summer 1996)

The key word of 1996 politics is the budget reform about what the public mostly have vague ideas. Our articles present the existing reform ideas both by Hungarian and foreign authors. Euthanasia is also getting into the focus, which almost interpreted as a type of social care in the vision on Hungary's future. Articles on the theory and use of language help to understand how the gap between words used in our communication and the description of actual facts developed. Of course, catastrophes are not made by misunderstandings but mostly develop from material relationships – as its can be seen from writings on the collapse of Yugoslavia.

The 30th issue of Eszmélet commemorates recently passed away András György Szabó by publishing two of his works.

Table of contents
  1. Szabó András György : Marxism and liberalism
  2. Mandel Miklós : On the permanent economic quasi-reforms
  3. Bob Deacon : Shaping of post-communist welfare – changing weights in proposals of international organisations
  4. Eszmélet : Impoverishment
  5. Eszmélet : Catching-up with Europe
  6. Eszmélet : Latin-Americanisation
  7. John Perry Barlow : Declaration of the independence of cyberspace
  8. Z. Karvalics László : Comment – Questions about cyber-censorship
  9. Kemény Vagyim, Kiss Károly : The changing face of “kaláka” – reciprocity in a non-archaic society
  10. Klaus Dörner : Social question and euthanasia in the advanced west
  11. Havas Ferenc : Language and liberty – Language theory and political ideology in Noam Chomsky’s views
  12. Francois Brune : The words that make the unacceptable accepted
  13. Rastko Močnik : The twilight of international discourse
  14. Branko Horvat : The break-up of multiethnic states
  15. Niederhauser Emil : Multiculturalism in Eastern Europe – Present conflicts in national history perspectives
  16. Giovanni Arrighi : The rise of East Asia and the fall of the interstate system
  17. Szalontay Balázs : The problem of regionalism and development – changing approach through issues of Eszmélet
  18. Szabó András György : Antimilitant militants