No. 65 | (Spring 2005)

Table of contents
  1. Krausz Tamás : Anniversaries
  2. Varga Éva, Konok Péter, Sipos Péter, Székely Gábor, Pritz Pál, Ravasz István : World War II ended 60 years ago
  3. M. Ju. Mjagkov : The battle of Kursk in light of new sources from Russia
  4. Albert Axell : Marshall Zhukov: the man who defeated Hitler
  5. Note on the conversation between V. M. Molotov and A. Eden on 10 October 1944
  6. Pieter Lagrou : The memory of war in Western Europe, 1939-1945
  7. O. A. Alexandrov : On the book by Anthony Beevor: The Downfall, 1945
  8. Szepes Erika : The book of a reasonable man. On The twentieth century as I lived through it. By Miklos Farkas
  9. Hegyi Gyula : „In the state under the rule of law, the weapon is money.” A contemporary socialist poet. On István Mészáros: Attila József and modern art and on Ferenc Fejtő: From Monarchy to globalization
  10. Tütő László : The rich and the poor – II.
  11. Tverdota György : The vivacity of Attila József’s lyric poetry of the “last century” in the beginning of the 21st century
  12. Valachi Anna : Girls and married women near Attila József
  13. Földes György : “You should be the seventh yourself “: Attila József and the proletariat.
  14. Szőke György : “…The movement is waiting for you …” (Re)interpretation of the lines of Attila József
  15. Böcskei Balázs : The ideology of society or the society of ideology
  16. Szabó Gábor : Environmental ethics and “turbo-capitalism”
  17. Mark Pittaway : The conclusion of the past in the postwar Austria. Remembrance, national socialism and the interpretation of 1945 in North-Burgenland