No. 66 | (Summer 2005)

Table of contents
  1. Sziklai László : The poet of impressive appearance. Attila József and alienation
  2. Agárdi Péter : Does this century look upon Attila József with support? The reception horizon of the beginning of the 21st century and the leftism of Attila József at the occasion of the book on Consciousness by György Tverdota
  3. Mike Cole : F*** you, bastard! The recent capitalism of the globalization and the racism and xenophobia against refugees
  4. Böröcz József : Thought experiment on global distribution
  5. Wang Hui : The idea of the new Asianism. World history – through Asian eyes
  6. Rövid Márton László : Culture et conflits
  7. Christian Mailhes : Postcolonial politics and state violence in Southern Sudan
  8. Roland Lew : The hidden driving force of dynamic development in China
  9. Gyóni Gábor : The Chechen conflict
  10. Ju. A. Nyikiforov : The myth of the preventive war. G. K. Zhukov’s plan of 15 May 1941: the problems of the interpretation
  11. Zsigmond Anna : Two marquis: Custine and Tocqueville. Russia and America from Europe in the 19th century
  12. Kiss Viktor : The system of technologies. The problems of value and consumption in the “technocratic society”
  13. T. Zselenszky Péter : The apotheosis of the homelessness. Dialogues of Diogenides – Pro Logos (excerpt)