No. 68 | (Winter 2005)

Table of contents
  1. Michel Collon : Ten questions about the banlieues
  2. Kabai Imre : “Postindustrial” societies and the youth in modern sociology
  3. Reich Orsolya, Kiss Viktor : New politics or a rightist youth? An attempt to explain the political orientations of the Hungarian youth
  4. Tarnai István : On the book Social stratification and life events. The Hungarian youth in the postindustrial age by Imre Kabai
  5. Bartha Eszter : The poor rich. The late Kádár-system in the popular literature
  6. Alekszandr Nyikolajevics Taraszov : From the latest history of police provocation
  7. Csoma Lajos : Skinhead- the public enemy
  8. Bernard Duterme : The conditions, forms and first balance of the return of the Latin American left
  9. James Petras : The determining role of peasant movements in Latin America
  10. Julian Brookes, Richard Gott : Hugo Chávez and his Bolivarian revolution – Julian Brookes, the editor of the electric journal Mother Jones discusses with Richard Gott, the well-known Latin American reporter.
  11. America Vera-Zavala : Venezuela: the country of parallels
  12. Jonah Gindin : Made in Venezuela: variations on workers’ self-management
  13. Szigeti Péter : The philosopher of power – on the state
  14. Krausz Tamás : 1905 in the Leninist paradigm – a contribution. Lenin’s analysis of capitalism and the revolution
  15. V. I. Lenin : Lecture on the revolution of 1905
  16. Tamás Tibor : Search for alternatives against the “new oppressive regimes” – The international conference of the periodical Eszmélet in the Kossuth Klub on 14-16 October