No. 79 | (Autumn 2008)

As the global financial and credit crisis evolves, the famine will take further millions of lives and aid programs designed to counter famine will fall more to political manipulations. Only few know, that rocketing food prices pushed additional 75 million persons under the famine level, thus the estimated total number of underfed people in the globe reached 923 million in 2007. It is important but different problem how the weak resistance against the abuses of the capitalist system expresses itself in Hungary in the behaviour of the youth. An interesting sociological study addresses this question analysing the political attitudes of the left and extreme right. A further and comprehensive article examines the class determination of voters in the free elections in Hungary. This issue of Eszmélet also publishes articles on the theory and movement of socialism by internationally respected Marxist thinkers: Samir Amin and István Mészáros.

Cover image:1980 Wold Press Photo of the Year: Mike Wells, UK: Starving boy and a missionary, Uganda, Karamoja district, April 1980.

Table of contents
  1. Tütő László : Even the only one party was too many – The Left Wing Alternative turns 20
  2. Wiener György : Class situation and electoral behaviour after the system change (1989-2006)
  3. Szalai Erzsébet : Flash-back of the past and dividing future – Young left, green and extreme right activists in present day Hungary
  4. Mészáros István : The communal system and the principle of self-critique
  5. Immanuel Wallerstein : Where is the world headed?
  6. Benyik Mátyás : Dollarization, euroization and financial instability?
  7. Tütő László : How not to protect our state?
  8. Walden Bello : Manufacturing a food crisis
  9. Alexander King, Anette Groth : Whoever controls food …
  10. Marcello Musto : The dissemination and the reception of the Grundrisse in the world. A contribution to the history of Marxism
  11. Marcello Musto : The current importance of Marx, 150 years after the Grundrisse – interview with Eric Hobsbawm