No. 8 | (Winter 1990)

Table of contents
  1. Marosán György, Mocsáry József, Angyal Ádám, Krausz Tamás : Who should be the owner?
  2. Without alternatives. Introduction: Why the “Russian model” is important?
  3. V. P. Buldakov : The October Revolution as socio-cultural phenomenon
  4. Nagy Péter Tibor : Adaptation of the October Revolution and the Soviet Union in the counter-revolutionary Hungary
  5. Statement of the United Opposition
  6. V. Lepehin : Do we know where we are heading? Review of the Soviet Union’s current political movements
  7. Statistics about the Soviet Union
  8. Szénási Sándor : The “two souls” of bolshevism – Interview with Ákos Szilágyi
  9. Immanuel Wallerstein : About the socialist experiment in the 20th century
  10. Samuel Bowles : Events in Eastern Europe could revitalize leftist scholarship
  11. M. M. : Who is defended by the iron curtain?
  12. Sz. Bíró Zoltán : Selected bibliography proposed to the history of the “Russian model”
  13. Krausz Tamás : The actuality of Berdaiev
  14. Daniel Singer : István Mészáros: The power of ideology
  15. Kapitány Ágnes, Marton Imre, Kapitány Gábor : Conversation with Gilbert Wasserman chief editor of M
  16. The struggle of parties paid by workers or what we should know about the Federation of the Poor and Helpless
  17. Tót Éva : An interview about the life of Sándor Szili