No. 97 | (Spring 2013)

This issue of Eszmélet presents the lessons from the defeat of the socialist left and the workers' movement in new contexts. This defeat has not eased the internal crisis of capitalism and the capital system but weakened the strength of forces opposing the system for a humanist alternative. In the light of recent research results, the link between the European and global scale cannot be more ignored. While bourgeois ideology is speaking about the death of Marx for decades, after a retreat he is returning in Eastern Europe as well in many different ways. The death of Eric Hobsbawm deprived Marxist history writing from its last man of encyclopedic knowledge but his work remains us inspiring.

The heo-Horthyst ideological climate around the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the catastrophe of the Hungarian army in the WW II is also presented in this issue. Our contribution to the national remembrance is recalling memories on the war crimes committed by the Hungarian occupation forces. This is also part of the fight to change the world, even though if this process is far more complex than that was imagined by earlier generations of Marxists.


Table of contents
  1. Eric J. Hobsbawm : History: a New Age of Reason
  2. Göran Therborn : Class in the 21st Century
  3. Samir Amin : Implosion of Contemporary Capitalism. Audacity, More Audacity in Formulating an Alternative to the Existing System
  4. Samir Amin : Implosion of the European System
  5. Michel Aglietta : The European Vortex
  6. Marchel van der Linden : Strikes will not wane but will gain importance, An interview by Raquel Varela
  7. Marchel van der Linden : Labour History Beyond Borders
  8. Tütő László : Revolutionary Conservatism. Marx vs. Marx
  9. Vázsonyi Dániel : What is Capitalism? A Civilization, a Production Mode, a Good Idea or Something Else?
  10. Tütő László : Resignation, ‘Better not to Know’, Being Busy Bees. Variations on Withdrawal No. 3 ‘The Freedom of Resignation’
  11. Garai László : The Identity and Identities of Attila József
  12. Szarka Klára : Photos of Zoltán Molnár Taken in Transylvania and Moldova
  13. Volunteers for Barbarism. Memories of Anatoly Tunin, Who was Five, When Cast in the Damned War.