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Capitalism – late capitalism (lessons from a study)

Description and criticism of the analysis of present day capitalism by Claus Offe. Explanation for the ability of capitalism to renew; crisis averting mechanisms; specific features of modern capitalism that make it different from earlier ones. It discusses the issue of how much can capitalism be harmonised with democracy and to what extent is the thesis on their basic incompatibility still valid today.

Trends of social devlopment and socialism

The author lists three arguments in favour of socialism. These are social equality which guarantees the well-being more than competition for goods; reduction of working time ending the expropriation of the worker's time; and social solidarity and cooperation which may prove to be a more efficient attitude than competition.

The Mensheviks and socialism – in the light of documents

The study provides a historical reconstruction of statements and views of Martov, Dan and the official social democratic menshevik party between 1917 and 1922 on the basis of documents found in the archives of the Hoover Institute (Stanford). As it turns out – in theoretical questions – the differences between the bolsheviks and mensheviks are significantly smaller than what has been presented until now by history writing.

Where do you go Eastern Europe?

The authors make an attempt to explain the current processes from he point of view of formation theory. Examining the possibilities of a post-capitalist society (and in this regard with optimism) they try to explain at least in connection with certain issues why was it necessary – and in contrast to the general public notion how and why did it come organically from East Europe's social conditions – that the foundations of a society denying capitalism were laid down.