No. 94 | (Summer 2012)

The main topic of this issue of Eszmélet is (again) the oeuvre of István Mészáros, now based on lectures delivered at a chain of seminars held in Brazil discussing the global importance of the outstanding Marxist philosopher, and commenting his fundamental analysis of the structural crisis of the capital system. The wave of 2011 rebellions over the globe was a reaction to this crisis, reflected in a block of essays from radical left-wing authors also from Latin America. Based on the seminal contributions of Giovanni Arrighi, the future of the attempt of China to reach a hegemonic is also analysed, addressing a key question for the future development of the capital system. Concerning the "decline" of Eastern Europe, including Hungary, the official misinterpretation of history plays an important role but also resistance develops in scientific circles, shows an essay.

The present issue is completed with a supplement the study by Tamás Krausz analysing the attitude of Hungarian history writers to Marxism, a thorough examination, hopefully igniting a debate.


Table of contents
  1. Carlos Antonio Aguirre Rojas : Popular Rebellions in 2011 – in Historical Respect
  2. Csala Károly : Seminars on Mészáros in Brazil
  3. Maria Orlanda Pinassi : István Mészáros, a Classic of the 21st Century
  4. Jorge Beinstein : At the Beginning of a Long Road: the Decline of Capitalism, Nostalgia and Hope in the 21st Century
  5. John Bellamy Foster, Brett Clark : The Dialectic of Social and Ecological Metabolism: Marx, Mészáros, and the Absolute Limits of Capital
  6. John Gulick : The Long Twentieth Century and Barriers to China’s Hegemonic Succession
  7. Mitrovits Miklós : The Criminalisation of History. Lustration, Litigation and Compensation in the Czech, Polish and Hungarian Practice (1989-2012)
  8. Hegyi Gyula : Marx in the Cinema
  9. Szarka Klára : Talking Photos of Károly Hemző
  10. Tütő László : Who Cares about Józsi the Beggar? (To the Dilemma of the Less Worst and the First Best) Methodological Contemplation on Principles and Compromises
  11. Marsai Viktor : US Neoconservatives and the Securitization of Islam
  12. Mitrovits Miklós : EURO 2012 in East Europe. Remarks to a European Championship on the Semi-Periphery
  13. Bartha Eszter : Merlin and his Pupil. Interpreting a biography
  14. Mezei Bálint : Is life 900 day long? The History of the Leningrad Blockade in Hungarian.
  15. Krausz Tamás : The Hungarian Historiography and Marxism. Comments on the nature of the problem of Eastern Europe