The tragedy of the American democracy

Burbach too, explains the Gulf War with the oil interests. He enumerates the American interventions and provides new examples to prove that they have not happened in the interests of "democracy". He proves by the example of Latin America (with the detailed analysis of the recent past of Nicaragua and Mexico) that the neo-liberal policy has failed to consolidate the democratic institutions of the less developed countries. Then discussing the American foreign political activities in Eastern Europe, he shows how does the Latin Americanisation of Eastern Europe serve direct American interests. The author who comes from the United States calls attention to the fact that an inner society which is in crisis in many ways is behind the USA's foreign policy. He sees the future of the American democracy in its broadening, "socialisation" and in the increase in the weight of the civil society.

"The Tragedy of American Democracy," in Low Intensity Democracy: Political Power in the New World Order, London: Pluto Press, 1993.