No. 93 | (Spring 2012)

The first block of this issue of Eszmélet is addressing the nature of global capitalism, which shows more and more convincingly symptoms of the capital system, which cannot be cured without structural changes. The second important topic is the analysis of the neoconservative, neo-Horthyist state system developed by Orbán after the 2010 "system change". This shows the practical consequences of the global crisis on the semi-periphery of Europe. Third, a closer look is taken into the significant anti-regime, and radical anti-capitalist social movements of the year 2011, especially the shocking US movement of Occupy Wall Street!, whose significance mainly lies in the fact that public discussion finally started to address the system itself, the global crisis of capitalism. At the end, a comprehensive study is analysing the possibility of a democratic planning-based socialist society – beyond the market.